Class Descriptions, How to Register & Studio Policies

Pre-registration required for all classes because we limit our class sizes.

Pilates Mat Class

This is NOT your gym's pilates mat class! This small group (max 11 students) class utilizes any combination of the following props; arc barrels, BOSU balls, magic circles, thera-bands, stretch weights, toning balls, massage balls and foam rollers. We use more small equipment in our mat classes than any other in the area. Do pilates classes normally bother your neck? We have all the props to eliminate this common complaint.

Welcome expecting students!

All of our instructors have special training in pre-natal pilates. You can take any of our classes and using some of our greatest props (the PILATES EDGE, the arc barrels, the BOSU's, even the Cadillac) you can safely modify any of the regular exercises as needed. We find this much more effective than taking a separate, watered-down, pre-natal pilates class. Many of our pilates students find they can keep many of the common complaints of pregnancy (low back pain, hip pain, low endurance, even fatigue) completely at bay by keeping up their pilates routine while pregnant. If you'd like to try these exercises out in a private session first, where you can bring up any concerns you may have, of course we can schedule that too. Sorry…pilates offers no cures for morning sickness. ;-)

Pilates Roll and Stretch

This one hour, physical therapist taught pilates mat class spends extra time using the foam roller and body rolling balls to smooth out stressed or injured muscles. This class is ideal if you are recovering from an injury or are in serious training for an athletic event. Also, if neck pain has prevented you from continuing your pilates mat classes elsewhere, this class uses more of the non-ab-curl type (though still intense!) ab exercises. Have an injury question? Bring it here!


A gentle blend of Pilates and Yoga. This slower paced class incorporates some of the safer standing balance exercises of yoga into a more traditional pilates mat class. This long standing class is made up a fabulous group of students over 50, however, we do not discriminate, students of any age can take this class.

Advanced Pilates Mat

High energy version of our regular pilates mat class for the experienced pilates student.

How do you know when you are ready to take an advanced class? Everyone's exercise learning curve is unique, but at least the equivalent of a semester of mat classes is required before trying an advanced class. Familiarity with the principles of pilates (you can recruit your transversus abdominus in any position/ exercise, you understand rib cage and neck placement, scapular positioning, ect) and knowing the pilates exercises by name (without needing a demonstration) is a good gauge.

Pilates Boot Camp

This pilates machine circuit training class is limited to 6 students. This class has students pair up and use the reformers, the pilates spring walls, the pilates edges, the TRX suspension trainers, the cadillac towers, and the stability chairs in addition to all of the smaller props we use on our multi-level mat classes. Expect some Barre exercises to pop in here too! This class incorporates training exercises from other disciplines. Previous pilates Reformer/ Cadillac experience required. Not necessarily recommended for those with injury concerns.

How do you know if you are ready for a Boot Camp Class?
With Boot Camp, previous experience on the larger pieces of pilates equipment (reformers or cadillacs) is key. If you have taken reformer classes before, you are ready for Boot Camp. If you haven't, the fastest way to learn the basics is a single private session. At least a semester of taking mat classes at our studio (so you'll at least gain familiarity with the smaller pieces of equipment we use), is sometimes enough to try a Boot Camp class, but then we'd still recommend starting with our smallest Boot Camp class. E-mail Caryn for suggestions on which class to try first.

**If you sign up for a mat class package and would like to take a Boot Camp class make-up, you can. You will owe $3 at the studio for every Boot Camp Class you schedule (to cover the cost difference). **

Advanced Boot Camp

A faster paced version of our original Boot Camp, for experienced Boot Camp students only. Once a Boot Camp class fills up we'll designate it ADVANCED so that the regulars can learn the routines that will speed up the class even more.


Our Barre classes blasts serious calories with a high intensity/ no impact combination of calorie scorching interval training, standing high repetition leg work (usually using a Body Bar or ballet barre for balance), ballet barre positioning, upper arm muscle strengthening and some original (though still pilates-like) ab work. Our classes are a combination of the most efficient exercises to maximize your results. Nothing tones leg muscles quicker!


Pre-registration is REQUIRED because we limit our class sizes.
  • Beyond Fitness Pilates Studio has a very strict 24 hour cancellation policy for all classes and sessions. If you no-show to a class or cancel with less than 24 hours notice, that class will be deducted from your package. Reporting your absence within 24 hours is kind thing to do for your fellow students though, and will allow someone else to fit in one of their make-up classes last minute. (And that could be you one day!)

  • Single Classes are $25 each. 5 and 10 class packages are also available for a discounted rate.

  • 5 and 10 class packages both have a 10 week expiration date.

  • Pilates Mat, Pilatoga, Pilates Roll and Stretch and Barre Classes can all be used with a Class Package.

  • Boot camp classes can only be taken with a Boot Camp package. You can use your boot camp package to pay for any class but the computer system will not allow you to do this. Just e-mail Caryn to register for a non- Boot Camp class using your Boot Camp package: caryn@beyondfitnesspilates.com.

  • Weather Cancellation Policy: If in doubt, call (617) 576-0066 for cancellation announcements. We will also try to e-mail everyone on the class lists.

  • Cancellations: Regular Group Classes will be CANCELLED on January 1st, Memorial Day Weekend, July 3rd and 4th, Labor Day Weekend, Columbus Day Weekend, Thanksgiving Weekend, December 24-26 and December 31st.

  • We try to list all substitute instructors on the online registration system ahead of time, but instructors could change without notice.

  • E-mail caryn@beyondfitnesspilates.com if you have any questions or concerns or if you'd rather pay by cash or check at the studio.